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#inkforgood temporary tattoo

#inkforgood temporary tattoo

Time to celebrate!  Recently Heard Communication helped Michele Bray from One Disease prepare for her first ever media interview, on Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise program. Watch it here and be amazed!

Michele was talking up #inkforgood, a new social media campaign in which a $15 donation gets you a funky temporary tattoo and the knowledge that you’re helping to prevent scabies, a disease affecting many Indigenous Australians.

Michele was superb.  She was clear, concise, eloquent, inspirational and memorable.  The way she told a story in in order to get her message across was incredibly powerful. Heard Communication is very proud to be associated with this cause.  Get online everyone and buy a tattoo!

karen and the hidden aspect of the problem

You may be just the tip of your company’s iceberg, but a new study shows that 45% of a company’s corporate reputation depends on its CEO’s personal reputation.  

clark and dawe

As Federal Labor MP Tony Burke hilariously put it, did someone hand Christopher Pyne and David Speers the latest Clark and Dawe script?

Tony Abbott Alan Jones

Trying – and failing – to get a word in edgewise, Tony Abbott attempts to make his point during a chat with Radio 2GB’s Alan Jones.  But as the Sydney Morning Herald discovered, Jones dominated the “interview”.

Are you a team player or spotlight-loving leader? New research shows that the words you use correspond with your business’s success. Read more from the Sydney Morning Herald and Forbes Magazine.

Philosopher Alain de Botton has released a new book called The News: A User’s Guide. You can hear how he wants to revolutionise the news by clicking on ABC Radio’s Conversation Hour.

Ever wanted to know why some things go viral? In this Walkley Magazine article, two journalists analyse how news stories are shared on social networks.

Location, location, location:

Kevin Rudd with Hitler behind him

Here’s the picture that will forever remind you to check your background before being interviewed or photographed.  Not a good look, Mr Rudd.